Aloe Vera
Aloe Juice & FO, Good for Irritated Skin & Minor  Burns
Light green color

Ground Almonds &   Sandalwood Fragrance- Exfoliating
Tan color with pieces of almond

Applejack & Peel
Wonderful Winter Fragrance- Spicy Baked Apples
Red Color

Bay Rum
Old Fashioned Mens Fragrance from the Barber Shop Days
Speckled brown color

Bergamot Coriander
A fine French citrus with a hint of coriander
Light green color

Blackberry Sage
Great Blackberry Sage FO
Pinkish-Purple color

Lavender, Citronella & Cedarwood EO's-Repels Bugs
Purple Color

Candy Cane
Sweet Peppermint Fragrance
Swirled White & Red Color

Refreshing fragrance, you can actually
smell the bubbly!  White color

Charcoal Rosemary
Facial Soap
Activated charcoal pulls toxins from the skin, and Rosemary
Essential Oil is a natural antiseptic, and very refreshing.  
Great for the face, but can also be used all over.

Coffee Grounds & Fragrance Oil-Removes Kitchen Odors-
Speckled Brown

*Cranberry Spice
Cranberry/Cinnamon Scent
Dusty Dark Pinkish Red

Dr. Mom
Peppermint & Eucalyptus – Good for Colds- has the effect of
Vicks or Mentholatum
Pretty Pink

An energizing blend of citrus!
Light Green Color

Eucalyptus Essential Oil-Antiseptic
Green Color

*Fresh Linen
Fresh Linen FO - Smells Like Sheets Blowing in the Wind!
White Color

Fresh Squeezed Citrus
Orange, Lemon & Lime Essential Oil
Orange Color

Gardener's Grit
Lemongrass Essential Oil & Yellow Cornmeal & Pumice to Clean
Those Hands That Have Been Gardening
Orange Color

Lovely Old-Fashioned Floral Fragrance
White Color

*Goat's Milk Honey
Goat's Milk & Milk & Honey Fragrance -Mild & Skin Softening
Can Even Be Used as a Facial Soap
Tan Color

A Fresh but Light Fragrance
Yellow Color

Green Clover & Aloe
Like Irish Spring - only better!
Green Color

A Floral that is not too Flowery!
Dark Pink Color

Hill Country Peach
Peach Fragrance That Makes Your Mouth Water
Peach Color

Hippie Chick
For all you hippies- patchouli & musk blend
White Color

Honeysuckle Hollow
Exact Duplicate of Blooming Honeysuckle
Yellow Color

Lavender Essential Oil -Known To Be Calming
Lavender Color

Leather & Lace
For all you cowgirls- leather fragrance oil with a touch of lace

Lemon Verbena
Old Fashioned  Lemon Verbena Fragrance Oil With Dried
Lemon Verbena Leaves
Yellow Color with Specks of Green

Lemongrass Essential Oil-Great For Oily Skin
Orange Color

Magnolia Fragrance Oil- Like Summer in the South!
White Color
Soap Fragrances
Mandarin Lime & Poppy
Fresh Citrus & Poppy Seeds for Exfoliation
Green color with specks of black seeds

Mediterranean Fig
Earthy & Seductive-Mediterranean Fig FO
Green Color

Mint Mud
Peppermint Essential Oil &French Clay That Tightens the Skin
Rich, Creamy Lather-Feels Like a Facial-Refreshing
Green Color

Mistletoe Kiss
Sweet Fragrance With A Touch of Herbs
Green Color

Unscented Soap With Ground Oatmeal Great for Irritated Skin
Oatmeal Color

Mild, Cleansing for Face & Irritated Skin-Ground Oatmeal, & Light
Almond Fragrance
Oatmeal Color

Orange Patchouli
Orange & Patchouli Essential Oil
Orange Color

For all of you hippie’s-Patchouli Essential Oil
Helps Heal Eczema
White Color

**Peppermint Tea Tree
Peppermint & Tea Tree Essential Oils With Dried Peppermint
Leaves - Has Antiseptic Qualities And Is Very Healing To The Skin
A Refreshing Morning Soap–My Absolute Best Seller
White Color With Dried Leaf Specks

Plain Jane
No fragrance, and no color.  Just a plain great soap!

Plumeria Blossom
Reminds You Of Hawaii - Plumeria Fragrance Oil
Light Pink Color

Sweet & Fruity
Deep Red Color

*Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice Fragrance Oil & Cinnamon Spice-Said to be Alluring
to Men!
Chocolate Brown Color

Rosemary Mint
Rosemary & Peppermint Oils - Very Light & Refreshing
Green Color

Sage, Sweetgrass & Cedar
Sage, Sweetgrass & Cedar Fragrance - Woodsy with Sage Leaves
Green Color

Seaweed Kelp
Ground Seaweed To Add Nutrients To Your Skin
Smells Like The Spa!
Green Color With Brown Specks

Snow Place Like Home
Refreshing Clean Fragrance That Reminds You of Home
White Color

Powdery Light Fragrance
White Color

Very Refreshing- Smells Like Gum!
Spearmint Essential Oil
Green Color

*Stress Relief
Lavender, Peppermint & Spearmint Essential Oils
Relaxing and Invigorating!
White Color

Sweet Rain
Like A Refreshing Spring Rain!
Blue Color

Texas Bluebonnet
Smells Like A Blooming Field In Spring!
Blue Color

Tomato Basil
Sun Dried Tomatoes, Basil & Basil Essential Oil A Great Kitchen
Soap – Removes Odors from Hands Like Fish & Onions & Has
Antiseptic Qualities
White With Tomato & Basil Specks

Vanilla Bean
Extraordinary Vanilla Scent
Dark Brown Color (Like A Vanilla Bean)

Juicy Watermelon Fragrance That Makes Your Mouth Water!
Dark Pink Color

A woodsy blend, very manly
Green Color

*Yellow Rose of Texas
Rose Fragrance Oil & Yellow Rose Petals
Grown Right Here In My Garden
Yellow Color

* Denotes Best Sellers